Gardening for Wellbeing

What is Gardening for Wellbeing:

Come to the Garden and enjoy a 6 week programme of gardening activities on a Thursday morning from 9.45am until 1pm.

The sessions will have 6 participants and are led by our team of experienced horticulturists. Activities include seasonal gardening tasks like planting, growing, harvesting, as well as crafts using resources from the Garden. Both gardening and crafts can be done as ‘table top’ activities for those less physically able. We have indoor and undercover areas so we can meet and enjoy our activities whatever the weather!

Who is it for?

Gardening for Wellbeing might suit you if you are over 18, enjoy gardening or would like to give gardening a try (no prior experience necessary!), are happy to ‘get your hands dirty’ (although you shouldn’t as you’ll be wearing gardening gloves!) and, for example…

● are anxious, socially isolated and/or lonely
● have lost confidence after COVID-19 lockdown
● have mild mental health problems
● would benefit from increased levels of physical activity if at risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes
● would like to learn new skills
● may not have your own outdoor space to enjoy
● have stopped gardening due to ill health or disability but would enjoy guided gardening in the company of others

Please note that our team are not counsellors so we are unable to support those in mental health crisis. Our team are not carers and cannot support those who require personal care

How to apply:

If you think it’s for you, you can self-refer or be guided to the opportunity by your Social Prescriber

Please call The Therapy Garden on 01483 813846 or email us at before completing the application form below

● Apply in advance for a 6 week programme
● A fee of £60 is payable in advance (equivalent to £10 per session)
● The fee covers refreshments, a pair of gardening gloves and a morning of guided horticultural activities.

Programme start dates:
9 February 2023 to 16 March 2023 (6 week programme = £60)

13 April 2022 to 18 May 2023 (6 week programme = £60)

1 June 2023 to 6 July 2023 (6 week programme = £60)

If you’d like to apply, please complete the form by following the link below.

Apply here