Restrictions for acceptance of clients

To maintain adequate levels of Health and Safety within our Centre we have to apply certain restrictions with regard to which service users we can accept, due to the limitations of our facilities. However, we remain committed to the policy of equal opportunities for all.

We regret that we are unable to accept service users who:

1.a Require invasive procedures for the administration of drugs, such as the giving of injections and suppositories or require heavy nursing care due to incontinence.
1.b Need to be tube-fed. (unless a trained carer is present and able to support the client)

2. Would require physical support to an extent that would necessitate specialist training or equipment.

3. Have severe behavioural problems such that they could be a danger to themselves or others.

4. Do not have current tetanus protection. It is the responsibility of the client or their parent, carer or representative to ensure that their tetanus protection is up to date due to the nature of the work that is carried out in the garden. By completing the registration form you agree to these terms.

5. After a risk assessment has been carried out, and in the considered opinion of the Centre Manager and senior staff, are unable to have their specific needs met by the Charity.

6. Because of issues related to their mental health, physical/sensory/cognitive disabilities, learning difficulties, medical condition or special needs, would cause concern or distress to other service-users.