SAVE The Therapy Garden!

The Garden’s future is in jeopardy – please help us!

The Therapy Garden is a small, vibrant gardening and educational charity set in a safe and tranquil 2-acre plot in Normandy, Surrey. For over 20 years we have been using the healing power of social and therapeutic horticulture to make a positive and significant impact on the lives of young people and adults facing all kinds of personal challenges.

This autumn, we face a substantial shortfall in funding for our running and activity costs, so PLEASE DONATE NOW TO SAVE THE GARDEN.

What do we do at the Therapy Garden?

Through a number of bespoke programmes designed to support many different client groups, we use our peaceful and supportive environment to promote wellbeing, social interaction, physical exercise, education, meaningful gardening activity, nature-connectedness and horticultural training.

We support adults with a range of physical disabilities, mental health challenges and social isolation; school students with low cognitive skills, disability, anxiety and loneliness, behavioural issues and those coming to terms with bereavement or the ill health of a loved one.  We also support adults living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Stroke survivors and all their associated carers.  Our newest offering is green ‘social prescription’ which engages with those in need of mental health support by providing nature-based interventions and gardening activities.

How we fund The Therapy Garden

The Therapy Garden receives no statutory funding.  We rely on funds raised from fundraising activities and grants from trusts and foundations and the generosity of private donations for over half of our costs, with the remainder coming from client fees.  We are steadily rebuilding after COVID to increase our client numbers and fee income but world events and UK politics have shown how rapidly a bright and stable outlook can change.  National and international economic uncertainty has hit us hard: less funding is available and many of our regular income streams have reduced or disappeared entirely, which is why we need your help.

How you can help

The Therapy Garden exists due to the vision of our remarkable founder and the many years of hard work, investment, expertise, time, passion, support, love and enthusiasm that have been poured into its development and growth by our team of talented staff, dedicated volunteers, amazing clients and carers and our wonderful local community. 

Our client base has changed and expanded over the past 20 years and with your help we can continue to grow, adapt and flourish in order to support more and more clients for many years to come.

Donate now and help us Save The Therapy Garden click this link –